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Ages 12 and up 

up to 25-30 participants

Live, Online or Hybrid 

1-3 hours 

All workshops can be customized to suit your group's needs for size, time and content.


understanding gender diverse identities

In this presentation and workshop, participants will learn about gender diverse identities in history, art and culture as well as gain an understanding of gender diverse communities and the difference between sexual orientation, gender and sex. Participants will explore identities and how they can appropriately engage in conversations about gender, sex and sexuality.


writing: where are you from?

Go from micro to macro with the phrase "Where are you from?". Discussions involve ancestors, household, neighborhood, countries and culture.  Create a lyrical map of where the writer is from and what that question might mean to them.


Group Work: Our Revolution Anthem

In this writing workshop, a series of writing exercises and activities allow participants to write about their identities and how they fit or do not fit into our world.  As a group, participants will create one final “Revolution Anthem” using the Exquisite Corpse Poem as a structure. Participants will be asked a series of questions about themselves and their role in creating a world that exists without barriers or oppression.


healthy boundaries

Through interactive discussions and real-life scenarios, participants will gain insights into identifying boundary breaches and discover effective strategies to honor and assert their personal boundaries confidently. This workshop aims to equip attendees with practical tools for fostering healthier relationships and self-care practices.


writing: deconstructing the superhero

Using the Superhero as a metaphor for our group discussions, write poems, tell personal stories and discover different parts of our stories with different elements of a Superhero: masks, villains, sidekick, superpowers etc. 


page poem stage poem

This is a performance based workshop in which participants learn basic performance skills to bring previously written poems to life on stage. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop one previously written poem (memorization not required) as well as ask questions and receive input from others with consent.

“Ebo gave an excellent performance, and we greatly appreciate how willing you all and Ebo were to be flexible with us. Those who attended really enjoyed Ebo’s work. They have wonderful energy and were great at engaging our audience, and I know I was struck by how well Ebo was able to still convey Spoken Word and its emotive nature in the virtual setting!”

University of Washington, Tacoma

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