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Artists Must Humanize History: A Conversation by Bri Little

"And we as artists, we humanize the moment as someone experiencing history. That’s kind of how we make that moment live forever." 

Artists Among Us: Seattle poet embraces responsibility to help 'make sense of things' by Dujie Tahat

“Poets make sense of things,” Barton says. “There’s a responsibility that comes with that.”

Sound & Vision: Ebo Barton on Freedom and Finding Home Amid Gentrification by Emily Fox

Sound & Vision host Emily Fox spoke with Barton about their poem “Freedom Cut Me Loose” and a few other poems.

‘Artists are resilient’: Spoken word poetry functions as both creative outlet and source of support for artists of color in gentrifying Seattle by Natachi Onwuamaegbu

"Barton’s spoken word poem is about stolen culture, stolen space and hypocrisy. It’s about Seattle’s rising gentrification problem. It’s about feeling lost when you’re meant to be at home."

Artist Ebo Barton Wants to Hand Over Creative Control by Alex Garland

“That will give queer and trans folks, specifically queer and trans people of color, the opportunity to tell their own stories. Why not let us tell them?”

Ebo Barton's message to the city

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