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“Ebo Barton is the queer echo to the first whisper of  revolution. Backlash to cynicism, they’ll have you  believing in yourself again.”
- Poet, Tara Hardy

"Tell my mother, I've uninstalled the whisper in my authentic."


write art out - austin, tx​ "the mixtape" literary journal

Contribution: "An Open Letter to Tevin Campbell from the Queer Future or 'Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)' " by Ebo Barton


insubordinate / 2020

ISBN: 9781792345067
Publication Date: August 27th, 2020

Insubordinate is Barton's first collection of work. Through this collection, they discover themselves, acknowledge their history and navigate a world unready for their existence. Through these 14 poems, you can see the lens in which Barton sees the world and how the world reflects back to them. Insubordinate is a protest to the oppressor's story, what we know as "history" and Barton simply won't accept that as fact.

This self-published collection of poetry has sold over 500 copies, in 5 countries, various local and national libraries and local bookstores.

Cover Art by Jordan Tabije

Cover of Ebo Barton's book, Insubordinate.  Black and white photo of Ebo's profile facing left, torn pieces put together.
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