whoopies pies 

this week:

earl grey whoopie, lavender marshmallow cream with a lemon glaze drizzle

fudge whoopie, oreo mousse cream with chocolate ganache.

red velvet whoopie, cream cheese cream

Update may 28, 2020 4:16pm PST: Whoopie pie orders are sold out for this week!

Please check back Thursday, June 4 2020 at 12pm for new orders!

What is this?

This is a dessert experiment.  Every two weeks, I'll create three flavor combinations of Whoopie Pies and deliver/ship them to friends, family and strangers who order them.  In return, you will complete a survey about your likes, dislikes and preferences.  You may also make donations directly to me.

what is a whoopie pie and what's in them?

Whoopie pies are two small cakes sandwiching buttercream and/or marshmallow fluff.  Think of it as a cupcake sandwich.  ALSO KNOWN AS: black moon cakes/pies, black & whites, GOB, BOB OR BIG FAT OREOS (BFO) OR DEVIL DAWG (ALL DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION. LOL.) 


All of my Whoopie Pies contain: wheat flour, white sugar, eggs, dairy.  Some may contain or have been exposed to nuts and food coloring.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?  Why not?

I am working on vegan recipes at the moment. the reason i am not attempting gluten-free is I am small operation.  In this situation, it is very difficult to guarantee the "free" of gluten part.  for your safety, I will not be offering gluten-free.

how do I order?

when orders are open, a form will be available on this page for you to order your whoopie pies.  You can make a donation (if you wish) for shipping and ingredients to my venmo (@ebobarton), cashapp ($ebobarton), applePay or paypal (contact me).  

okay, but for real...how much does it cost?

$15 per box, Shipping nationwide is additional $10-$15.

When will i get my pies?

arriving by delivery in greater seattle/tacoma areas on saturday.  Shipping from seattle on friday!

other questions? contact me!